Some Building Materials and Their Uses

Planning to build a new home? Know the materials available to construct buildings in order to choose the best type that suits your needs and preferences. 


On this list are some of the well-known materials used to construct different types of buildings. Read on. 



Wood, even though made from trees, is a strong building material unlike others would disagree. It is pliable but strong enough when stacked together. Before time, wood was only processed only once or twice by cutting the tree down and removing the bark. The end product is a log that is used for construction. Wood is mostly used to form the shape of a building. Today, we now have lumbers of differing size, form, and dimensions. Boards, planks, timber, hardwood, and so much more are available on the market.  



Brick is usually made from clay or mud. Brick was a popular building material back in the 1800’s and 1900’s because it requires little to no raw materials, which meant more pocket-friendly. It was also more resistant to fire in the ever-thriving industrialization of cities.  



If you paid attention to your history class, you’ll remember that a lot of buildings before were made of stones. Rock is a very strong material. Too strong that buildings before had no particular form because the rocks were hard to cut into a shape. There are different types of rocks around the world that served each country accordingly. There several types that are still being widely used today such as granite, slate, marble, and sand stone.  



Concrete is the result of combining cement and composite aggregate together. Concrete is unyielding and susceptible to dissociating. It is therefore reinforced by steel rods or bars to strengthen it. It is important to remove air bubbles when mixing one. Concrete is known as the most common material used today to construct buildings due to its strength and endurance.  



Like wood, metal is mainly used for to form the frameworks of a structure. Only, they are used more on larger and taller buildings. Metals require hard labor and so they are priced a little higher than other building counterparts. Compared to ancient history, metals in the more modern ages come in many forms: iron, steel, and titanium are used for building purposes while gold and silver are used more for decoration purposes as they are truly expensive and don’t have the qualities to be a construction material. 



Glass is made from sand. And when it was discovered, windows were beginning to get popular. Glass is important to make windows in order to let the light inside a room all the while protecting it from extreme weather conditions outside. Today, glass doesn’t only come in windows but also doors, ornaments, tables, and more. 


These are only some of the many materials that are used for modern day construction. So if you are planning to get a building constructed or have your current one modified, then you have to get familiar with different building materials. Visit because they are available if you need any kind of help.  

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